Melbourne Roof Painting and Sealing

Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair provides roof painting and sealing that goes beyond a cosmetic upgrade

Roof Painting & Sealing Services in Melbourne

Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair is a one-stop-solution for all essential roof needs, including roof painting, sealing and re-coating. Our roof paint and/or sealants can be applied all kinds of roofs including tiled roofs, metal and colorbond – that’s right, you can change the colour of your colorbond roof!

Painting and sealing a roof is much more than a “beauty” job! It will increase the lifespan of your roof and will safeguard your home against weather elements. By doing so, you will ultimately protect your house’s structural integrity.

Benefits of Painting and Sealing a Roof in Melbourne

  • Improved curb appeal
  • Making your roof water-resistant
  • Enhanced safeguard against the sun and mould proliferation
Tiled Roof And Painting Colour Palette

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Colour Palette To Help Choose Roof Painting

What colours can I choose for my roof?

When it comes to roof colours, the sky is the limit! These days, there are many alternatives to choose from. Often, our clients have a lot of fun picking a colour.

Similar to trends in fashion and architecture, roofing styles and colours also experience their own shifts in popularity. When you work with Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair, we can provide a variety of colour palettes for you to consider.

Our Melbourne Roof Painter & Sealer’s Approach

  1. Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair will conduct a full roof inspection. It’s crucial to determine whether your roof has any problem that needs repairing first
  2. We’ll discuss quote for repairing the damage (if needed) and painting with you. Upon acceptance of our quotation, we will arrange a suitable date and time to perform the service.
  3. After confirming that your roof is free of damage, we can proceed with a thorough cleaning. That involves getting rid of any debris and washing your roof.
  4. It’s now time to seal and paint your roof with your chosen colour scheme.
  5. Our team will clean up – we won’t leave a mess behind!

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Why Choose Our Roof Painting Company


We are one of the leading roof services in Melbourne and can count on over 10 years of experience and satisfied customers.

Best Equipment and Safety Measures

We, at Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair, have a vast array of roof-related equipment to handle any all types of roof work. We can also hire specific tools and machinery for trickier jobs.

Certified and Fully Insured

Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair is fully insured and certified in their area of trade. We have a multi-skilled team that includes roof plumbers, roof carpenters, roof inspectors and more. Our staff is fully inducted on safety equipment use and best practice.

Friendly Team and Great Communication Skills

We are a small business and are proud to be part of the Melbourne community. Our amicable business is built on our reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.

Competitively Priced

We have been operating as a local Melbourne business for many years, which means we have built trustworthy relationships with our suppliers. This helps us keep our quotes high-quality services at reasonably competitive prices.

Roof Cleaning Safety Equipment

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Areas We Cover

Melbourne Roof Restoration & Repair provides top-quality services all over Greater Melbourne, including: